Friday, September 10, 2004

Alibris for Portis and McGuane...

Well, overcome with eagerness to continue the present state of "bibliomania" I cruised Alibris today and ended up with a bursting basket of Portis and McGuane. With trade paperbacks going for $2.95 and stated as Very Fine, how could resist? I am getting all of Portis's novels and several of Mcguane's. Let's hope I like Thomas McGuane. Everything I've read points to liking his writing, and the library afforded me a glance at a few of his books, and they looked interesting. Apparently McGuane is considered a Western writer of literary eminence.

I also decided to grab a couple Ludlum's. Well, I have heard good things about "Road to Gandolfo" and "Road to Omaha." Earlier works that have an edge of irony and hilarity not found in say - the "Bourne Trilogy."

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