Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Dinotopia...ode to Zippo

Having never even heard of "Dinotopia", I rented the 284 minute long DVD set last weekend, and we sat down to enjoy what I thought would be probably a first installment of a three night viewing. I thought it might even be too silly, so I wasn't expecting very much. Well, it was fascinating. I think I was in an escapist mode anyway, and I was riveted. Two of us sat there through the whole thing, with only minor snack and exercise breaks.

What a romp. The story thickens with the detail of the world of "Dinotopia" and its residents whom we meet and appreciate on the way to the final crisis and the "finding of the light." The dino-people are entertaining, and intelligent, especially Zippo the librarian! The realistic dinosaurs and the settings were a tribute to James Gurney who created the "Dinotopia" book which was published in the nineties. The book is really a bound set of beautiful and imaginative illustrations as well as a story. The story *IS* the land of Dinotopia. Based on the gentle "Laws of Dinotopia", the culture does appeal to a better side of humanity than the usual fantasy-sci-fi outing.

And whoever said librarians are quiet and retiring has not met Zippo!

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