Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Blog bog

I am getting bogged down here with the blahs of Fall. The weather can't be to blame - and although the workload increases, it isn't backbreaking. No, it's just the blahs. Does anyone read this stuff? HAHA. Well, at least it is my outlet for all the speeches my poor family and friends are thus spared.

Books, how they take from computime, don't they? I haven't finished "True Grit!" I am waiting on my own copy. I have been reading a couple of ebooks, Robert Lewis Stevenson's "Across the Plains with Other Stories" and the story I'm on is a lyrical overview of French locales which became artists colonies in his time. The stories in this book are really non-fiction travelogues. And in another eReader window, I have "Dead Men Tell No Tales" by E.W. Hornung, better known for the "Raffles" books. Good stuff.

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