Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Palm Zire thoughts...

If one had a Zire, one could take ebooks wherever. To be bibliographically armed would be nirvana. Doctor's offices, waiting for my tires, all these tasks made so much more pleasant by reading, yet not carrying a book. HHHmm....but there is the cost. Lately I have been cruising the PalmOne site, and a very nice site it is. I keep going back because of the appealing and informative blurbs and the eReader store, so finally I began to read about the hardware itself. The real downside is that I hate to have things that rely on my PC because it becomes a tangled web of service contracts, and the possibility of one or another hardware peripheral going is just old. Not that I have had trouble in the past with hardware, but you never know, and I like to travel light on the ether. When you get a digital camera, a 'Pod, a handheld or any one of the other goodies, you then need to concern yourself with compatibility, upgrades, etc., and in the event that one of the hardware items is outpacing the others, or becomes outdated you are faced with working that issue out. So I have held out this long on the Palm. After becoming addicted to the 'Pod, well, I know my weakness.

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