Wednesday, September 29, 2004

OmniWeb post the second...

Omniweb has become essential to my "browsing experience" to put it in today's vernacular. Possibly it even suggests the idea of a book title: "The Spirituality of OmniWeb as Browsing Experience". The tabs have the additional duty of creating multiple "desktops" which can be interchanged as you need a new default desktop for your browsing. I love this. Then, there is the bookmark list which I finally read the HELP on and figured out. So I now have a slick list of bookmarks which incorporate the Safari bookmarks I brought into OmniWeb and the default list OmniWeb supplies. I got rid of all sorts of links I didn't want, and the result is much better. I will admit the people at Omniweb could take a look at the bookmark SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) over at Opera. But this has been a minor irritant, and I can see where some people might like the rather intricate way one could set up the bookmarks. The premier look and feel of OmniWeb accentuates the technical acuity. So far I have downloaded from various sites, ordered from various sites, and made a point to do everything with it that Firefox is "iffy" about. I can't find a single thing OmniWeb doesn't handle flawlessly. I did have a couple crashes of the software the other night when I was busy doing some "cross-window" cut and pasting, and I think I may have overgrossed it myself.

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