Thursday, September 16, 2004

The perfect browser quest goes on...

Just as the "perfect email service" quest has wound itself around and about over the past decade or so, so goes the "perfect browser" quest. Let's just leave IE out of it entirely. The only sites I use it on are sites which are required in my work and which are sadly made to function only in IE. Netscape is out of the picture, as it is now a vortex for spyware, and another piece of bloat. I don't need the mail and the composer and the newsreader, etc., etc.

Moving right along, there is Firefox, which although a fast, sleek and really nice little non-bloaty browser, has a few little glitches, and doesn't do well on a few sites. It also has a rather temperamental download facility, and on the Mac version has actually lost the download yet kept on grinding I know not where. It does this only randomly though, and is not always a problem. I have written about Firefox before, and at the moment it is my browser of preference on both systems.

Opera 7 is also on both systems, and Opera is a dandy browser, fast and efficient. The screen real estate is the problem with Opera, and the quirky handling of all those toolbars gets interesting. I have used Opera since version 3.5, and I have been sorry to see the usable screen area shrink. But Opera cares about web standards, and money spent on a license is money well spent. Opera remains extremely secure, and trustworthy, and the download utility is the best of any browser. I use it almost as often as I use Firefox.

Now, last night I downloaded the very classy OmniWeb for Mac OS X (there is no windows version). Omniweb 5 is a beautiful creature to behold. From the beauty of the OS X "look" to the speed, tabs on the side and overall smooth browsing, this one is a keeper. I intend to write more on Omniweb. For now, the bit where you can bring up a text editing box in any web form is so so cool. And the spellcheck - well, it doesn't get much better than this. Obviously this program is worth paying for. Last night I wrote a piece of email in one webmail account. I just clicked the tiny x (a feature of Omniweb)in the lower right of the text form which has always been too small in that mailer, and up came the textediting document window, and I was able to revise and see the whole message, and as I typed in the document it automatically transferred into the actual form box on the site. OH MY, how absolutely cool that is.

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