Monday, August 16, 2004

Darryl Worley...

I was fortunate to get tickets to a benefit for military families last Saturday night. The featured artist was Darryl Worley. I can't believe I never paid much attention before. This young man is extremely personable, extremely talented, and his rapport with the audience was stunning! His music is a winning combination of humor and energy, with some serious notes. I recommend his music to anyone who loves country as it was; country as it should be. Somewhat reminiscent of George Strait, with some Jimmy Buffett influence, some Haggard and some good old traditional roots.

Opening for Worley was Donovon Chapman, much less polished but he has potential and real charm. Donovon has just signed a recording contract so I am sure the company will polish those edges. I look for more from him. His music is very influenced by both Hawaiian sound (he is half Hawaiian) and by Jimmy Buffet sound, as well as the more traditional country styles.

Also opening was Steve Vaus. Steve is an older performer with quite a history of patriot song writing. At the moment he has a children's album and plans for a SONY sponsored television show this Fall. All in all an interesting evening.

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