Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Summer reading ...

After finally registering eReader Pro, I have really "wasted" a bit of time on ebook reading the last few weeks. The package comes with a few free ebooks - mainly the best seller type - or what I usually refer to as "schlock." I have to admit I am enjoying them.

Another book I just finished is "Digital Fortress" by Dan Brown. Dan Brown's books definitely fall into this category. His writing is very Ludlumish, and evocative of Tom Clancy as well. "Digital Fortress" was his first novel, and it is 'pretty good.' I had the thing figured out but the action was non-stop, so it held my interest. Don't take things too literally in his books, they are not science, nor are they fact...they are fun quick reading. Enjoy them and don't get caught up in the controversies and don't believe everything you read. Next up: "Angels and Demons."

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