Monday, August 09, 2004

That website editor software...

Need I say I really don't like "you-know-who-Frontpage" web editor? I like the clean simple html coding of yore. I like to do it simple and do it myself. I have to use Frontstuff at work to edit my site there. Well, I probably could entirely rework it, but then when I brought it into the server it would be Frontpaged anyway. It isn't the prettiest stuff when you look at the source code. It is actually a hideous mess in that view. If I didn't have another site created with a simple editor - TACO for Mac OS X - I would probably spend more time on the work web. Since THE BLOG, I can't really see the point of the strictly personal web site anymore, unless some content which will remain static is housed therein.

Again, the ads at the top of the page are becoming a fascination for me. What text will Google like next? Part of the fun...but you have to be careful what you say because you could end up advertising "you-know-who-software." >;)

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