Monday, August 09, 2004

Mariner Write compared...

Ah HA! Yes, indeed. Now the ads up top are for the reunion sites. An odd thing to me was to find that many schools have people with the additional duty of coordinating alumni information, and herding the collection of older yearbooks. These initiatives might increase the number of gifts to schools from alumni, an idea that may have filtered down to the high school from the college level. Interesting.

I should mention that I am in the early stages of a trial of Mariner Write for OS X. It is a very pleasant software package indeed. I love the intuitive elegant interface, the swift response to all commands, and the very nifty capability of surrounding a graphic with text without the usual several level preference screens one has to go through in most word processors. As far as I can tell the only drawback is the price. Since I already have Appleworks and Nisus Express, I can hardly validate the need for Mariner Write, but Nisus is rather a cumbersome beast in some ways, especially the default save mechanism...a dedicated folder with Nisus documents. I always feel I should back them up in a folder of my own making. Appleworks is very capable but rather slow. The varied capabilities of the program itself are probably what make it so ponderous. I do like the look of both Nisus and Appleworks though.

Overall Mariner Write looks the best, moves the fastest, and just might get my money in the end!

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