Monday, August 30, 2004

Movies and books...

Skip "The Big Bounce." Oh my. The plot doesn't even begin to form before it's all done, and the cheesecake on the beach cannot make up for the general lameness of the whole thing. Even with Morgan Freeman, Owen Wilson, Charlie Sheen et. al., it just doesn't ever come together. I wasn't even expecting much, just a funny, relaxing escapist flick, but this one wasn't it.

I have moved on through three of Dan Brown's books, and am into "The DaVinci Code." So far the formula is the same. And I do mean formula....plug in one "able smart female", one "academic serious yet hunky man", one hideous plot, and go from there through several plot twists that see our heros through unbelievable escapes from doom, until finally they save the day, overcoming all the weird odds. And they are odd. Frankly, Brown's writing makes Len Deighton, John Le Carre and even Robert Ludlum (his REAL books) look like Hemingway, Conrad and Doyle, but the books are entertaining enough. Fast reading and not hard on the brain.

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