Wednesday, August 04, 2004

My PBS station scheduling...and global warming

We were enjoying the new episodes in the British series "Foyle's War." But Sunday evening at the usual time, my PBS station had no trace of the third episode, nor was there any sign of the fourth episode in the guide for this month. Now, the guide doesn't include anything after about midnight at all, so imagine my surprise when I emailed the station and the reply was: "Oh, we were going to run it in the overnight hours about 1am, but technical difficulties precluded this. " ? Here we have a new episode of a new series. Something like this doesn't come along very often these days on Public Television. Add that to the fact that I had no way to know they were planning on offering it in the middle of the night. Oh - I am supposed to go to their website and what? Print out the schedule?! I get the guide because I send a yearly pittance to the station, and it would be nice to have the WHOLE broadcasting schedule in the guide.

Now, with the demographics of Public Television showing that the audience is older and pretty small, you would think that a new series would be a headliner event. The OTHER PBS station in the area, from the state across the lake, has the series on in prime time every Sunday night. This week it is preempted for a special, but there it is, in their guide for next week, so my day is happier. I really like the OTHER station and I support them too.

If Public Television is going to grow and keep on getting viewership, they better get some idea of scheduling for more of the masses, both in programming and in timing. Wouldn't Friday night be a nice time for a really good movie in prime time? Even an old B&W classic? For heavens sake, that is not the time I want to see political pundits envelope the planet in hot air. politics the real cause of global warming?

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