Thursday, August 12, 2004

Mariner Write is beautiful...

I got the newest version yesterday and installed that to my own Applications folder. It is just so nice, functionally as well as visually. The options are presented in an intuitive way, and there are lots of them. They have them arranged in an easily handled fashion, and the editing "ribbon", the edit toolbar actually, is removable as is the ruler. Pretty standard in a word processor, but none does that all so beautifully, and the customizing of the toolbar is also easy. You will be up to par with Mariner Write in a very short time - like for instance - ten minutes, if you have used WPs in the past. The PDF manual included could have OS X illustrations, since OS X has been around awhile now. But as a manual it is great. I will register Mariner Write.

This program is elegantly styled and just very lovely to look at as well as fast. Did I say that last time? Well, it is, and it opens WORD docs too, from version 6 on. Mariner will save in rtf, and has also got a save as PDF right in the save dialogue. All in all, Write is heads above Nisus now for my needs, and although Appleworks does so many things, Write has the WP game wrapped up on the Mac, if you don't need WORD.

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