Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Oh iMac My precious......

Will I get to look a lot like Golum if I keep drooling over the new iMac and wanting to touch and feel? This day has brought yet another addition to a line of superbly beautiful Mac designs. I do wonder about the heat of the CPU right flattened on the display though...somehow it seems like a laptop with the display half melding to the bottom, keyboard removed to wireless. Today's best comment was: "Oh, look a laptop on a stick!" Excellent!

And what the heck is wrong with GMail?! I went to sign in while using Opera's newest and got told "Oh we here at GMail don't support Opera 'yet'." They were friendly enough...offering download links to Mozilla, Netscape, and probably IE. Sigh. You can log in in Opera but nothing works. Get on the stick, GMail. Oh, and on that subject, several people have taken my invitation, which is great. Perhaps if enough people flock over to GMail they will eventually add POP. I mean POPing mail into GMail. It is so large it would make a convenient catch-all for various newsletters etc.

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