Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Nisus Writer Express where are you?

Well, after trying Mariner Write, my teeth are gnashing. I paid for Nisus Express, and every time one goes to the site it says "Nisus Express Version 2.0 COMING." Well, it seems we have waited a long time, and they also say that the new version will not accommodate embedded graphics with a simple text wrap. Now, Mariner Write does this so flawlessly that I am wondering if I should have spent the money on Mariner that I spent on Nisus, but I don't want to hear the answer. I could license Mariner right away, as I said I was going to do in a previous post, but the cost of Mariner is the only real drawback. It is quite expensive at $69.95 for the download edition. But, perhaps worth the price. Indeed, I would not hesitate, except that I don't need much more than I have already, what with Appleworks and Nisus Express.

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