Monday, August 09, 2004

Peru High School Reunion...

After all these years. So many classmates have seen each other over these past years at one reunion or another, some even at all of the reunions. I have not seen anyone in my graduating class since graduation.

I looked forward to this off year reunion, but I was nervous. After all, I had been there only a short time compared to "regular" kids who grew up in Peru and environs. What, after all, did I know about these people and their lives after all the time and space that has passed between all of us?

When we gathered, we were only 16 classmates, three of whom were Milbrats, myself included. I walked in, recognized several people right away, and was recognized by several others. We knew faces sometimes without knowing names, but once we began to talk and share our lives, we felt a bond that can exist only with those with whom you share a generational experience. I am not really even sure that this bond is only with those you know - perhaps you could go to any reunion of that same year and the life experiences and the growth those experiences trigger could help you feel at home.

I had brought pictures I had taken the last few days of our senior year. Several others had brought pictures, and there was a yearbook in residence on the reception table. I think we enjoyed the pictures of past reunions as much as any other pictures. The women who organized the reunion worked very hard to find others in the class and entice them to join us, but it is amazing how many people can't make room in their lives for even one evening with old old friends. We did talk about the reasons some may have, but we missed their company and hope for the gift of their attendance the next time. You know, even if you think there weren't many friends, you would be amazed how time makes friends of old classmates. After all, we were so young then, the world and our lives were unfolding before us, and the magic was yet to happen. Now, we have had bad thing and good things happen, and we have weathered it. I think the celebration is in the "being there." Those classmates whom we have lost were remembered.

There were of course those for whom I had special fondness in that sparkling misty dawn of time so far away. I still feel fondness. There were those whom I had not known as well, but whom I now know better after having joined with the group in the memories and the sharing of just that one special evening on that warm summer night in August.

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