Friday, August 06, 2004

Support Our Troops...

Our "Support our Troops" yellow magnetic ribbons were stolen by some piece of human excrement.

I didn't notice mine last night when I left the parking lot at the college, but they either disappeared at home in the driveway or in some parking lot. So many people never learned this basic fact of civilized life: IF IT ISN"T YOURS - DON"T TOUCH!

The yellow ribbons are not a political statement. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the magnets is going to the fund for the families of our National Guard members presently deployed to the Middle East. We remember the men and women who serve, and we pray for their safe return. I deplore the deaths and the injuries in this war, as in all others, and as a military family, we know that there are so many lonely separations and times of hardship that affect our community, both military and civilian.

The next thing I attach to my car will stay.

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