Saturday, August 21, 2004

Opera for Mac finally the Opera I knew

I just installed Opera 7.54 for Mac, after installing the Win version on the PC at work. After all this time using Opera (since version 3 on the Windows PC) I just whipped through the preferences to get the setup I wanted. All previous versions I have tried in MAC OS X have been slow, crashy and not up to the standard one expects from Opera. This installation seems to be very good. I had one bad moment when the program froze while setting up prefs, but an "end program" and another try let me do what I wanted. So far this version is doing the job. It works well with Google and Yahoo, and I have seen no bad sites so far. So we'll see. If it is faster than Firefox I will be very surprised, but Firefox has download oddities, so I have been using Safari to do downloads. There is also a problem with the limited print efficiency in Firefox on Mac OS X. I love the many prefs for print setup in Opera.

In other news, Darryl Worley on iTunes has been successfully purchased. His music is just infectious. Thank you Apple for bringing us iTunes.

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